7 Best Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Best Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him and Her

7 Best Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him and Her

As we get older, certain gift-giving events start to lose their luster. Holiday gifts are diminished by seasonal stress, and birthday gifts become a stark reminder that you’re another year older. Wedding anniversary gifts, on the other hand, remain a pure joy to give and receive. Not only do they commemorate another year of togetherness with the love of your life, but you also get the added benefit of a low risk of disappointment because you know the recipient better than anyone. 

If you have a wedding anniversary coming up and you want to really wow your spouse with traditional anniversary gifts or something more customized, check out these 7 anniversary gift ideas that you can both enjoy through your next year together and many more:

1. Custom satellite map puzzle

The day you first met your spouse is probably a cherished memory, and you can commemorate it with a customized gift honoring exactly where you were when your life changed for the better. A custom satellite map puzzle can feature any special location from the story of your relationship: the place you met, the place you were married, or even a satellite image of your home sweet home.

2. His and Her watches

You and your spouse already wear wedding bands to commemorate your wedding, so consider matching watches to commemorate all the time that has passed since that special day. His and Her watches typically only differ in size, but some have unique designs that come together as a whole when your wrists are side by side, like stylized half-hearts, making them the perfect anniversary gift.

3. Personalized playing cards

Card games are great for group game nights as well as cozy evenings at home, so why not make use of all those photos on your phone with a deck of personalized playing cards? For this fun anniversary gift, you can choose one special photo for the card back or design a collage of photos from memorable events in your relationship. The standard deck includes two jokers and comes in a hard case for safe storage.

4. City skyline wedding art

Almost all married couples have wedding photos displayed on their walls, but not everyone has personalized Art Deco-inspired city skyline wedding art. Chicago-based artist Alexander Doll uses vintage design elements and typography to depict you, your spouse, and the iconic skyline of your wedding location in a stylish poster of yesteryear. Plus, the use of archival paper and ink promises high-quality artwork that will last for generations, making this anniversary gift a perfect heirloom to pass on to your descendants.  

5. Rememory game

Memory is a funny thing—events you thought were forgotten can come rushing back with the help of a certain sight, or sound, or scent. If you’ve been with your spouse for a long time, you probably have plenty of wonderful yet dormant memories waiting to be sparked. To help bring them to light, spend your anniversary playing the Rememory game with your spouse or even a group of friends who’ve known you from the beginning. The game makes an inexpensive anniversary gift that becomes an experience to cherish.

6. Romantic getaway

If your last romantic getaway was your honeymoon, you’re past due to spend some uninterrupted couple time together. With the Internet at your fingertips, you’re sure to find great deals on cruises, all-inclusive resorts, and adults-only resorts where you can focus on each other with minimal distractions. No need to cross oceans, though.  San Diego makes a great staycation destination, too!

7. Anniversary party

What better way to celebrate your marriage than with an anniversary party that you, your spouse, and all your family and friends will remember forever? All you need is delicious food and drinks, danceable music, and a festive atmosphere provided by the perfect wedding venue. At Factory Of Dreams Hall San Diego, we can provide all of the above and much more, including an LED light-up dancefloor, full-service decorating and catering services, and customized concierge services to ensure every detail meets your high standards.

Instead of stressing over “gifts for her” and “gifts for him” suggestions this year, you and your spouse can give yourselves the most memorable anniversary gift of all—a fantastic, romantic party and wonderful memories that will last for years.

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