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Host a Memorable Corporate Party in North Park, San Diego

Just because you’re planning a corporate event doesn’t mean it has to feel…corporate. The best corporate events are those that provide partners, vendors, customers, and employees with a unique and memorable experience—and this begins by choosing a distinctive venue for your corporate event.

About Corporate Events at Factory of Dreams Hall North Park/San Diego

At Factory of Dreams Hall North Park/San Diego, we have decades of experience in the event industry, and we understand the significant role corporate events play when it comes to promoting a positive company culture, improving motivation, and fostering interpersonal relationships. When you show your employees, clients, and business partners a good time, great things can happen.

Our team can help you design, plan, and execute:

Holiday parties in San Diego

Celebrate the season with a festive holiday party complete with decorations, food, drinks, and plenty of space for your employees to socialize outside of the workplace. Our all-inclusive packages can be customized to your company’s size and needs, whether you’re hosting a casual year-end get-together or an elaborate multi-course holiday dinner.

Employee or client appreciation events

When employees feel appreciated, companies usually benefit in terms of increased motivation and productivity. The same goes for clients, who tend to reward grateful businesses with long-term loyalty. Hosting an appreciation event for employees and clients is a win-win for companies of any size, and we can help you choose an all-inclusive package that will be fondly remembered—and might even boost your bottom line.

Celebrations of company success

According to conventional wisdom, people shouldn’t toot their own horns—but that doesn’t apply to companies that want to celebrate accomplishments with employees, clients, vendors, and others who contribute to the company’s success. Choose Factory of Dreams Hall San Diego/North Park to celebrate a great fiscal year, a huge new contract, or milestone anniversary, with options spanning from casual luncheons to formal events.

Acknowledgements of company milestones

Like a new parent gushing over their child’s first steps, companies can celebrate milestones in their business’ development. Whether you want to acknowledge your company’s first major client, first (or tenth) year in business, or first million in profits, we’ll help you choose an all-inclusive celebration package that meets your needs and budget.

Team-building events

Successful companies run like a well-oiled machine, and most of that success comes from strong parts—employees—that work together in harmony. Encourage and strengthen interpersonal relationships with team-building events at Factory of Dreams Hall San Diego/North Park. Our large event space and available amenities can accommodate a range of activities, from lunches to dances to company-specific game shows and more.

Product launches

In many ways, launching a new product is like launching your business all over again, although usually on a smaller scale. Hosting a product launch should be memorable for all attendees, especially prospective clients. We’ll help make sure every detail publicizes the new product and champions its place in your corporate offerings. 

Awards banquets

Awards are a great way to show employees, clients, and vendors your appreciation, but hosting a formal awards banquet boosts that appreciation to a whole new level. Give award winners and nominees a literal red-carpet experience at Factory of Dreams Hall San Diego/North Park, where our large event space can transform into an elegant banquet hall filled with details of your choosing.

Retirement parties

Retirement is an important milestone event marking a major life change, from daily obligations to a new golden age of freedom. Help your employees make that transition with a retirement party, showing them how much you appreciate their years of hard work and loyalty and how much everyone will miss them. Retirement parties at our venue can be customized to fit the retiree’s personality or corporate branding, with every detail handled by our team of planning experts.

And more!

Whatever your corporate event needs, Factory of Dreams Hall San Diego/North Park can transform your ideas into a memorable time. We offer a number of amenities that can help your event run smoothly. These include: 

  • Projection screens 
  • Microphones 
  • Light-up bar
  • Photo booth
  • LED dance floor 

We also offer an open-bar option, which includes bartenders and servers and allows your company to provide drinks with no corkage fee. We can even help you craft a special cocktail menu. 

All-Inclusive Options for Events of Any Size

Whether you’re planning a small, casual lunch or an elegant three-course dinner with fine china, Factory of Dreams Hall San Diego/North Park can customize an all-inclusive package to fit your needs. We also offer concierge services to help plan and execute a wide range of corporate parties, from daytime team-building events to show-stopping product launches.   

Whether you’re planning a holiday party in San Diego, an awards banquet, or a product launch, our historical building in the heart of San Diego’s North Park neighborhood is an ideal location for corporate events of all kinds. The charm and elegance of our building’s Spanish Revival architecture as well as its modern features and amenities provide the perfect setting, and our concierge services allow you to customize the event down to the finest details to ensure a remarkable experience for all your guests.

Military Celebrations and Reunions

When it comes to military celebrations and military reunions, San Diego is an ideal destination for a number of reasons.  In addition to all the fun activities our sunny city has to offer, there are also a number of historical military points of interest as well as an abundance of shops, restaurants, and museums that offer military discounts for goods and services. Whether your guests are local or traveling from afar, they’ll appreciate the central location and spaciousness of our elegant banquet hall.

At Factory of Dreams Hall North Park/San Diego, we specialize in military events of all kinds, including military reunions, military balls, and military retirement parties. Our dedicated staff is always honored to help celebrate service members and their families. We’ll take care of the finest details from the décor and the menu to the photography and the music to ensure that your military event is one your guests remember for decades to come.

How to choose the perfect venue for your company`s holiday party in San Diego


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Every corporate event or military celebration at Factory of Dreams Hall North Park/San Diego is special, highly customized, and affordable. Our all-inclusive event packages help take the stress out of planning and organizing—and they’re easy on the budget, too.

Our basic all-inclusive event package includes:

  • Six-hour hall rental
  • Red carpet
  • Tables and chairs for up to 300 guests (depending on the layout)
  • Sashes, table overlay and set-up
  • Chiavari chairs for guests of honor
  • Special decoration for head table, cake table, and reception table
  • China and silverware
  • Centerpieces
  • Table linens and napkins
  • Servers
  • Bartenders
  • Bartenders
  • Appetizers
  • Two-course dinner
  • Cake
  • Cake-cutting and serving service
  • Lemonade and water all night
  • Laser show
  • Special lighting
  • Light-up bar
  • Lounge area
  • LED dance floor
  • Private dressing room
  • Set up / break down
  • Security

But of course, you’re not limited to just the above.  Whatever you need, we can help make it happen. We’re a one-stop-shop for corporate events and military celebrations. Optional package extras may include:

  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Choreographers
  • Sweet Tables
  • Photo booth
  • Live entertainment
  • And more—just ask!

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