6 Steps To Host A Memorable Corporate Holiday Party

Corporate Holiday Party Factory of Dreams Hall San Diego

6 Steps To Host A Memorable Corporate Holiday Party

If you’ve been tasked with planning your office holiday party, then lucky you! While it may seem like a huge undertaking, planning and hosting a corporate holiday party is actually a lot of fun, especially if you have help. At Factory of Dreams Hall San Diego, we make it easy for you. You get to be involved in the creative process (the best part) while we take care of all the details. Whether you’re planning a party for a small department or for an entire corporation, we’ve got you covered. Here are 6 easy steps for making your office holiday party a success.

Set a date

The holidays are a busy time at most venues, and Factory of Dreams Hall is no exception. Setting a date early is the best way to guarantee a reservation and get first dibs on social calendars.

Set your budget

Part of the fun of planning a corporate holiday party is in knowing that your company is footing the bill. It can also be a tad stressful when you’re trying to fit the venue, catering, decoration, gifts, photography, music, entertainment, and everything else into a limited budget. At Factory of Dreams Hall, you can opt for our basic all-inclusive package, which provides everything you need to host a memorable party, or customize a package with our optional extras. Whichever way you go, you’ll love our budget-friendly prices.

Choose a decorative theme

When it comes to organizing a company holiday party, choosing the décor is arguably the best part. Unless, of course, you’re clueless when it comes to envisioning the end result. Either way, we can help. With over two decades in the event planning industry, our staff is full of creative ideas to help you and your company celebrate the holidays. Whether you’re interested in a more traditional winter wonderland theme or something a little less expected (Casino? Mad Men? Burlesque?), we can help bring your vision to life.

Select a menu

When selecting the menu for your holiday party, you may want to consider tying it in with the theme, but more importantly, you’ll want to consider your guests. If you work at a health-focused company, you may want to choose a menu that leans somewhat light and healthy. And if you’re planning on a diverse crowd of people from various ethnicities, you may want to reflect that in your menu by providing kosher or halal meal choices, or a range of dishes from multicultural holiday celebrations.

Choose the entertainment

A great corporate holiday party includes more than just great food and music. You’ll want to provide your guests with fun activities, live entertainment, or other novelties to keep them engaged —and hopefully move conversations away from work. At Factory of Dreams Hall San Diego, we can help organize scavenger hunts, poker tournaments, dance contests on our LED-lit dance floor, and more.

Make it shareable

Everyone loves to share their good times on social media. So why not provide them the opportunities to do so? We can set up a photo booth or an Instagram wall or use our private VIP room for a photo staging area, complete with a photographer, props, and a backdrop, to create fun, memorable moments to share with the world. We can also arrange for photographers and videographers to document your corporate holiday party so you can share them on your company’s Facebook page and Instagram feeds. The photos and videos you get this year can also be used to lure guests to next year’s shindig.

Give us a call to host the best Corporate Holiday Party in San Diego

At Factory of Dreams Hall in San Diego, our all-inclusive event venue is the perfect location for your corporate holiday party. Situated in North Park, our historical building is both beautiful and centrally located. And what’s even better, our company holiday party venue in San Diego is a one-stop-shop. We’ll take care of every last detail, making your job a breeze. Give us a call today, and let’s set a date for your next office party.

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