How to Plan a Same-Sex Wedding

How to Plan a Same-Sex Wedding

Now that same-sex marriage is legal nationwide, many gay and lesbian couples are ready to plan the party, tie the knot, and see their dream wedding celebrations come to life. Though the logistics of planning a same-sex wedding aren’t much different from planning a straight wedding, couples and wedding planners may still wonder where to start, and what specifics to consider.

From the processional to the recessional, to the party at the end, each component of any wedding celebration should reflect the couple’s shared values on love. So it’s important that the venue, officiant, DJ, caterer, and everyone in between is LGBT-friendly and dedicated to providing the couple with the wedding of their dreams.

Couple’s choice

Weddings today range from ultra-traditional to anything-but-traditional, and the same goes for same-sex weddings. Gay marriage planning, just like straight marriage planning, depends on the preferences of the couple getting married. To put it simply, there are no rules. The couple can choose to include friends or family members in anything from readings, candle lighting ceremonies, or sand blending, which involves family or friends from each side blending sand to signify the union.

So whether you’re planning a lesbian wedding ceremony where the brides both wear white dresses or a Great Gatsby-themed wedding for two men, the possibilities are endless when it comes to designing a personal, unique, and joyous celebration.

The ceremony

A same-sex wedding ceremony can be as traditional or original as the couple prefers. During the processional, brides can choose to walk down the aisle escorted by their fathers, a friend, by each other, or solo. And the same goes for grooms.

For the vows and the heart of the ceremony, a traditional script can be used as a springboard, or couples can write their own vows. The most important thing to consider is that the officiant chosen to perform the ceremony has the couple’s beliefs and best interests at heart. Lately, more and more couples are choosing non-traditional officiants, like friends or family members to lead their ceremonies, but still… there are plenty of LGBT-friendly officiants for hire.

The vendors

Selecting the right wedding vendors can be a daunting task for any couple, but LGBT couples have the added burden of navigating some tricky territory to determine which vendors are gay-friendly. Early last year, a judge ruled that a California bakery owner could legally refuse to make wedding cakes for same-sex couples. Wedding planning is stressful enough, even without the possibility of facing disrespectful vendors, but getting clarity about where everyone stands at the outset will go a long way toward minimizing the risk of awkward or traumatic wedding-day experiences.
The simplest way for LGBT couples to find vendors who will treat their special day with respect and celebratory enthusiasm is to choose a venue with experience in hosting same-sex weddings, where the staff can refer you to LGBT-friendly vendors—or even manage all the vendors for you!

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