Plan a Memorable Milestone Birthday Party

Plan a Memorable Milestone Birthday Party

There are few things children look forward to more than their annual birthday celebration. They love the parties, presents, and the fantastic feeling of being one year older. Although birthday celebrations tend to lose their luster as we age, milestone birthdays are usually the exception. Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceañeras, Sweet Sixteens, and Debuts are just the beginning. Even those who are content to let most of their adult birthdays pass quietly will go all-out for major decade milestones like age 30, 40, or 50. If you or a loved one has a milestone birthday coming up, here are some ideas for throwing a memorable bash:

Bat Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah

Children in the Jewish culture are considered grown when they reach age 13, so Bat Mitzvahs (for girls) and Bar Mitzvahs (for boys) don’t necessarily need an overarching theme aside from “welcome to your adult life.” Still, the guest of honor can help choose a color scheme for the decorations and even a specific regional theme for the menu. Of course, it’s a good idea to keep older guests in mind and serve traditional Jewish food as well.


The celebration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday in Hispanic culture typically involves a large guest list full of family and friends, so it’s a good idea to book a party venue that can accommodate a large group for not only a meal, but also lots of dancing. Decorations can match the color of the girl’s elaborate gown, and you can also decorate with photos spanning her life so far, from newborn to elegant young lady.

Sweet Sixteen

As far as milestone birthdays go, the sixteenth is a big one, and it should stand out among all the birthdays that came before. If you’re going to go all-out for your sweet sixteen-year-old, be sure to include them in your planning—what you think is fun and exciting might not match their expectations. Let them choose the theme, decorations, and guest list, and keep the menu teenager-friendly. The one thing you can plan on your own, however, is the big present reveal, whether it’s a car, a trip, or something else topping your teenager’s wish list.

Filipino Debut

A Filipino Debut is much like a Quinceañera, although it is typically celebrated on a girl’s eighteenth birthday. Because 18 is also the year a child becomes a legal adult, you can have some fun with the decorations, like including voter registration forms or fake tattoos on the table, or hanging little parachute people from the ceiling to represent their ability to go skydiving without parental consent. Whichever theme you choose, you’ll need a large venue space to accommodate the guest of honor’s 18-person entourage and all the other celebrants.

Dirty 30’s

At age 30, you’re still relatively young but far enough from childhood to feel like a true grown-up. That means you can plan a Dirty 30’s party that’s loads of fun while still being very adult. Think bachelor/bachelorette party décor and fun, fruity mixed drinks. Add a photo booth with silly props, plenty of dancing, and a cake with boozy frosting—you won’t even miss your 20’s.

40 and Fabulous

By age 40, most adults are somewhat settled in life, which is a great excuse to cut loose while also flaunting your success. You could host a fancy affair with champagne and hors d’oeuvres, or you could go with one of the hottest party trends: nostalgia parties, which are themed around a specific decade or time period in the birthday guy or gal’s life. For a high school retrospective, you could select music from the time and recreations of popular food and beverages at the time—clear cola cocktail, anyone?

50 and Over the Hill

While 40 used to be the “over the hill” party age, 50 is apparently the new 40. Over the hill parties can be hilarious and fun, although it’s important to make sure the guest of honor has a sense of humor about their age before choosing this theme. To get it right, choose all-black décor and encourage guests to dress as if they’re attending a funeral. Decorate with gravestones and skeletons, and serve dark-colored food like black olives, licorice, brownies, and dark red wine.

75 and Still Kicking

Your septuagenarian guest of honor might say they don’t need a “fuss” for their birthday, but the three-quarter-century mark is a big deal! A celebration is warranted, and you can keep it simple while still honoring the milestone. Try a theme like “My Favorite Things,” including the guest of honor’s favorite foods, drinks, and decorations based on their favorite hobby, movie, or book.

100 and Wow!

Reaching the centennial milestone birthday is quite impressive, and it deserves an equally impressive party. Consider a retrospective theme with food, drinks, decorations, and activities based on each decade of the person’s life. Not only will a party full of reminders of the past provide the guest of honor with warm nostalgia, but it might also teach guests a thing or two.

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