The Ultimate LGBTQ Wedding Guide for Same Sex Couples | FACTORY OF DREAMS SAN DIEGO

The Ultimate LGBTQ Wedding Guide for Same Sex Couples | FACTORY OF DREAMS SAN DIEGO

So you popped the question and they said yes! Savor that romantic, peaceful moment because what comes next—planning the wedding—is a bit of an ordeal. Regardless of the orientation of your relationship, wedding planning requires time, effort, and a million little decisions, but the process can be slightly different for LGBTQ couples. See our LGBTQ friendly wedding venue

The good news is that today’s wedding industry is more inclusive than ever, and couples of all stripes can create a unique, customized experience for their big day. If you and your partner are taking the plunge, here’s everything you need to know about planning a same-sex wedding:


Decide on the date, budget and guest list

Nailing down the trifecta of foundational wedding decisions— the date, your budget, and the guest list—is essential before you even think of flipping through a bridal magazine or checking out a venue. The date will depend on what kind of wedding you want; a large, elaborate affair will require at least a one-year lead time, but you can usually plan a small, intimate affair within months. For the budget, stay within your means—true love is great, but a single day of celebrating it isn’t worth years of crushing debt.

As for the guest list, narrowing it down to a number that fits within your budget can be a stressful endeavor all engaged couples have to endure. But for LGBTQ couples, there can be an added layer of complications based on potential guests (usually family) who might not support your union. This might be a time to make some hard choices, but it could also be an opportunity for outreach and healing old wounds. 

Whichever path you take will be entirely up to you—after all, it is your special day, not your mother’s, father’s, or narrow-minded uncle’s, and you and your groom/bride-to-be should be surrounded by nothing but support and love.


Choose a venue

Once you know how much you can spend on an event space and how many people you need to accommodate, it’s time to start searching for the perfect wedding venue. Many are booked out a year in advance, which is why it’s crucial to get a jump on the search early. The first decision to make about a venue is whether you want a space that can host both the ceremony and the reception, or separate locations. There’s also the option of all-inclusive event spaces that provide their own catering, floral arrangements, and other decorations.

One concern that might come up for LGBTQ couples in particular is whether you can have your ceremony at a church. While many religious denominations are more welcoming of the “love is love” philosophy, their willingness to host a same-sex wedding ceremony will depend upon the church. If it’s not possible to get married in your church of choice, you can always hire a religious, LGBTQ-friendly officiant, or seek out a progressive church like the Unitarian Universalist Association, the Episcopal Church, Presbyterian Church USA, among others.


Fill out your vendor team

One of the best ways to find local caterers, florists, cake designers and photographers is to attend a bridal expo. Otherwise, your wedding venue will likely have several suggestions for reputable vendors, along with city-specific bridal magazines if you live in a major metropolitan area.

One concern that might come up during your vendor search is whether particular vendors are LGBTQ friendly. Although news stories make it seem otherwise, the vast majority of vendors care more about making their customers happy (and making money) than their customers’ sexual orientation. There’s a very slim chance you will encounter a vendor who will refuse to serve you, but if it happens, there are dozens of others out there more than willing to take your money.


Choosing rings and attire

By their nature, LGBTQ weddings tend to upend traditions, so you are free to think outside the box when choosing rings and wedding attire. For rings, you can ignore that outdated rule of spending three-month’s salary on a diamond ring—in fact, you don’t have to wear rings at all. But there is a vast array of available options these days, from elaborate vintage styles to minimalist bands made of Titanium. Your ring should reflect your personality and style, and it’s crucial that you love it—unlike the food, the flowers, and the music, which will become hazy memories with time, that ring will be on your finger for decades.

You’ll have just as much freedom choosing your wedding attire, although you should note that the more gender-normative your style, the better selection you’ll find. Men choosing to wear suits and women choosing to wear dresses will have nearly infinite options available—otherwise you might need to look into tailoring services or bespoke wedding attire that will be flattering to your body and personal style.


Enjoying your big day

After months—or years—of planning, there is one bit of wedding advice that applies to all couples: don’t forget to enjoy it! Utilizing the services of a wedding planner will not only relieve much of your stress during the planning stages, but on the big day, a designated “manager” is also essential to ensuring everything goes off without a hitch. But even if you don’t hire a wedding planner, some venues offer the services of a wedding coordinator who can manage the event while you focus on celebrating. 

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