This Party and Event Venue in San Diego Has an LED Lit Dance Floor!

Party and event venue in San Diego

This Party and Event Venue in San Diego Has an LED Lit Dance Floor!


When you close your eyes and picture your special event, you imagine it perfect and magical, right? Of course you do. Whether you’re planning your own wedding, your daughter’s quiceañera, or your grandfather’s 90th birthday party, you want the event to be special and memorable for everyone who attends. See what our party and event venue in San Diego has to offer! 

What better way to stimulate laughter and joy than getting your guests up and shaking their rumps on an LED lit dance floor?

  1. Scientifically speaking, choosing a party and event venue with an LED lit dance floor will contribute to the health and well-being of your guests in more ways than you know. Here’s how:
  2. Music and dancing activate the brain’s reward center and have profound positive effects on the physical body. And who can resist dancing when the floor lights up?
  3. Social engagement increases feelings of wellbeing and actually helps people live longer. Of course, an LED lit dance floor will have a significant impact on the level of social engagement at your party.

Laughter relieves stress and boosts the immune system. So when Uncle Lester steps out onto the dance floor and does his version of The Running Man, well…immune systems will be boosted.

If you like the idea of all your guests shaking it on an LED lit dance floor, awash in a rainbow of light and laughter as the beat pounds from nearby speakers, then Factory of Dreams Hall San Diego is the perfect party and event venue for you. In addition to all the scientific benefits it provides to your guests, our dance floor will also amp up the magic of any special event you’re planning, including:


Picture your first dance as husband and wife: You step onto the LED lit dance floor, the lights glowing sunset colors that remind you of bonfires at the beach, snuggled close against the breeze. The DJ plays your “first kiss song,” and you kiss once more, this time without the agony of wondering if such an enchanted moment can last. Now you know it will last forever. See what our basic all-inclusive wedding event package includes.


Remember when your little girl played dress-up in Mommy’s clothes? Now she’s dressed up for real, in a gorgeous gown that marks her entry into womanhood. For now, she’s still carefree, smiling and dancing with her best friends on a flashing LED lit dance floor. But soon she’ll find her own way in the world, beyond the comfort of your arms, so you soak in every smile. You’ve come to the right place for a Quinceañera event. 


They say you’re only a kid once, but what do they know? Adult birthday parties can be just as fun, with gourmet desserts, flowing champagne, and hours of gettin’ down to your favorite tunes surrounded by the pulsing colors of an LED lit dance floor. Dancing the night away and creating memories that will last is worth a few aches and pains in the morning.

Make magic of your own at Factory of Dreams Hall San Diego

In addition to weddings, quinceañeras, and birthdays, we also specialize in:

Anniversary parties
Baby showers,
Sweet 16 parties,
Bar mitzvahs
Corporate events

Our LED lit dance floor will be a highlight for you and your guests, making your event as magical and memorable as you first envisioned.

Contact us today to book our beautiful party and event venue for your special event.

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